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A Learning Environment

When you’re a child, it can be hard to achieve simple tasks, like going to school, when no one around you cares about your efforts. A good learning environment for children is more than a classroom, it involves the child’s home and community. For Pov Sokum, age 17, trying to get an education in her […]

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Love’s Law

In late 2006, I came back from two years in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) totally convinced that the rule of law is one of the greatest gifts any nation can have. Congo is a “failed state” and, not being ruled by law, it is ruled by chaos. Millions have died since the […]

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Update: Typhoon Rammasun Recovery

On July 15, Typhoon Rammasun hit eastern Philippines with 150 mile-per-hour winds, destroying homes and leaving 430,000 people displaced. Food for the Hungry (FH) started working immediately in the regions of Sula and Bicol to assess the needs of homeless families. FH is preparing to distribute food to 390 families in Sula. In Bicol, FH […]

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Child Healed from Burn Accident

We do our best to teach children about safety, and we hope it will stick. But sometimes, accidents still happen. And sometimes, we just don’t have the means to make it all better — unless someone helps us out. Alex, an 8-year-old sponsored child, was alone one day in his home in Bolivia. He was […]

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Growing a Mother’s Confidence

When you feel like you can’t learn, you feel imprisoned. That’s how many mothers feel living in poverty. They feel cut off from the possibilities of reaching beyond their situation. One mother who lived in Toro Toro in Bolivia really felt stifled. Her name is Zenobia. Married to a man named Carlos Choque and the […]

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Typhoon Rammasun Hits Philippines

On Tuesday, July 15, Typhoon Rammasun hit eastern Philippines displacing more than 430,000 and affecting 500,000 Filipinos. Food for the Hungry’s (FH) Emergency Response Unit is assessing the needs of more than 1,300 families in the Bicol region. Here is a statement from FH’s field office: “In Sula, 318 families residing on the island were […]

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Go Team Ethiopia for Creating Energy!

Ethiopia has a potential of producing more than 43,000 megawatts (MW) electricity from hydropower, wind, solar and thermal energies. This electricity can supply power to more than two-thirds of Africa, half of the Middle East and southern European countries. On the other hand, more than 90 percent of the Ethiopian population is dependent on firewood […]

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Bangladesh: Making Tadka Dal

Food for the Hungry (FH) works in Bangladesh where tadka dal is a staple dish served in many communities. This specific recipe and demonstration comes from FH staff living in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, where families are starting to have food stability. Through savings groups, women are learning to run their own small business […]

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Words from a Mother

In Burundi, 39 percent of children under age 5 are underweight and there is a high mortality rate for these little ones. Many times, the causes of malnutrition are preventable. A Burundian woman named Noella who lives in Kinyinya, found out just in time how to keep her little girl healthy through Food for the […]

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Farmer Becomes Business Owner

Ia Pha Yu, 32, lives with his wife and two daughters in Prolean village in Cambodia. As a rice farmer, he couldn’t provide enough food for his family all year round. He grew rice following the traditional way, which produced enough for several months, but on the off months, the family went hungry. To make […]

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