International Board

Food for the Hungry's board is a diverse group of leaders. Board members serve as strategic advisors and work closely with the President/CEO to hold them accountable for FH’s ministry.

  • Francoise Andre, Board Member, Switzerland

    Andre joined Food for the Hungry’s board in 1999 after retiring as a social consultant in Switzerland. Married to a businessman, Andre traveled the world and developed a special interest in how microenterprise projects help impoverished communities recover economically. Her interest in Food for the Hungry stemmed from FH’s ministry of meeting both physical and spiritual needs.  She believes that a dual-approach is necessary to effectively minister to the poor. Andre started working with impoverished communities in London as a child with her family. She continues to serve on FH’s board with a focus on encouraging the dignity and empowerment of vulnerable people.  Andre is married with three children, who are currently all involved in missions.

  • Lord Paul Boateng, The Rt Hon Lord Boateng P.C. D.L. Board Member, United Kingdom

    Boateng is an attorney, member of the British parliament and political activist. He served on the South African Council of Churches during the 1980s and served on Prime Minister Tony Blair’s cabinet. Serving as the United Kingdom’s High Commissioner to Africa, Boateng met FH Board Chair Ken Wathome during a political event. Interested in faith and economic development, Boateng became interested in FH’s work in Kenya and Uganda. He became a FH board member in 2009. Boateng is passionate about working with Africans to take ownership of the intellectual property and brand of their products. Boateng is married with five children and two grandchildren.

  • Jeanie Dassow, Board Member, United States

    Dr. Dassow works as a professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga, Tenn. She specializes in care for medically under-served women. After completing medical school in Lexington, Ky., she did her residency in St. Louis, Mo. Dassow came to Food for the Hungry in the fall of 2008.  She brings a love for the people of the nations and a passion to promote others to live into the great gift of reconciliation that she has experienced in Jesus Christ.   She and her husband Paul, a family medicine physician, have two boys and four girls.

  • Peter Mogan, Board Member, Canada

    For the past 33 years, Mogan has been active as a business lawyer in Ontario and B.C., with an emphasis on mergers and acquisitions and financing. He is a partner with nine other Christian lawyers in Access Law Group, a Vancouver law firm that seeks to live out their values of compassion, authenticity and empowerment. In 2005, Mogan started working with Food for the Hungry in Canada. In late 2009, he accepted an invitation to join the Food for the Hungry Board. His heart has been deeply moved to respond to God's call to walk with and serve the poor. He leads teams from his local church in their community-to-community partnership with a small community in Lima, Peru.

  • Larry Jones, Board Co-Chair, United States

    Jones is the Director of Program Development and Evaluation at University of Wisconsin’s Cooperative Extension. Jones began working with Food for the Hungry in the early 1980s, after FH founder Dr. Larry Ward visited Wheaton College in Wheaton, Ill. Jones served with FH in Thailand, Bangladesh, Somalia, Kenya and Ghana. In 2007, Jones was approached by FH to serve as a board member. His focus is on the effectiveness of using biblical worldview for transformational development and creating partnerships to accomplish great works. He also has a passion for the entrepreneurial spirit FH uses to customize programs for the specific needs of impoverished communities. Jones is married with two daughters and one granddaughter.

  • Jay Choi, Board Member, United States

    Choi is a Korean-born, U.S. citizen who currently lives outside of Denver, Colo. He is both a lawyer, a certified public accountant (CPA), and holds a master’s in business administration (MBA). His vast experience in business, law and cross-cultural engagement with an emphasis on Asian relations, makes Choi an important contributor to FH’s board. Choi brings a curiosity and passion for international work. He thrives on the challenges where Food for the Hungry works.

  • Laurent Mbanda, Board Co-Chair, Rwanda

    Mbanda currently serves as the Bishop of Shyira Diocese in Rwanda for the Anglican Church. His experience as vice president for Compassion International’s Africa Region, as well as his leadership in organizations such as Christian African Leadership Ministry (CALM), Campus Crusade for Christ, and Christian Aid Mission provides him a deep understanding for the holistic work of FH. In addition to his work with charities and the Anglican Church, Bishop Mbanda is also a writer, and a visionary for post-genocide Rwanda.

  • Hansa Jayakumar, Board Member, India

    Dr. Jayakumar is an alumni of Christian Medical College Vellore and currently works at the Hospital in Chennai, India. She has 25 years of specialist practice in anesthesiology involving all surgical and super specialty fields, and 10 years of experience in general medicine practice. Dr. Jayakumar is committed to a holistic approach to health. She believes in a strong emphasis on spiritual health based on biblical principles for patients in the hospital setting and in community outreach. She lives out and believes in the Christian mandate of reaching the poor and marginalized of society. As she is mentoring and educating medical students, she encourages the importance of such an approach to health. She joins Food for the Hungry in providing the best programs to improve health in people living in poverty.

  • Steve Corbett, Board Member, United States

    Corbett is an Assistant Professor of Community Development at Covenant College and serves as a Community Development Specialist for the Chalmers Center for Economic Development. He previously served as Director of Field Operations and Training for the Chalmers Center. Prior to joining Covenant College, he worked for Food for the Hungry, first as self-supported field staff, then as Director of Staff Training for nine years and finally as Regional Director for Central and South America for two years. He has a B.A. from Covenant College and a M.Ed. in Adult Education from the University of Georgia and is co-author of the books, When Helping Hurts and Helping Without Hurting in Short-Term Missions. He is married with seven children.