Your congregation plays a key role in inspiring hope in people living in poverty. We want to walk with you to develop your church's heart for the poor. Meet Food for the Hungry's (FH) experienced church engagement staff – a group of people dedicated to providing support for your church's international ministry.

Our staff gives you and your congregation individual attention to develop and experience international relationships with community leaders and members. Learn more about our exceptional staff that can help your church to take part of ending poverty worlwide. You can also contact us at or fill out the inquiry form for more information.

Juan Pablo Belmonte

Church Representative, Bolivia and Peru

Juan Pablo has worked with church partnerships and short-term teams at FH for six years. He believes deeply in FH's vision, mission and values, seeking to live them out in every area of his life. As an experienced speaker, Juan Pablo can help motivate your church to minister overseas. He lives in La Paz, Bolivia, with his wife and four children. Contact Juan Pablo Belmonte by email.


Heidi Heinrich

Church Representative, Asia, Haiti and the Dominican Republic

Heidi is well-traveled with great insight into Asian and Haitian cultures. She offers you and your congregation coaching and support to get the most out of your overseas relationships. She is the lead advocate for FH's Women of Action and supports efforts to help educate women living in poverty. For stories of her travels to the field, please visit her blog. Living in Phoenix, Heidi enjoys her two children, who also work in helping the poor. Contact Heidi Heinrich by calling 1-800-248-6437 x 1194 or by email.


Amalia Toc

Church Representative, Guatemala

Amalia Toc is passionate about the FH vision, mission and values. She especially enjoys serving people and seeing them transformed by the Holy Spirit. She served as the Short-term Teams Coordinator in FH Guatemala for five years. During this time, she acquired valuable experience while helping to implement FH programs. As a former sponsored child with FH, Amalia loves interacting with sponsored children and their sponsors, encouraging them to a stronger relationship. She is honored to walk closely with you to strengthen your church relationship with FH, and she looks forward to helping to make a significant difference in the lives of vulnerable people. She lives in Coban, Guatemala. In her spare time, she enjoys reading books and watching good movies. Contact Amalia by calling 480-719-6970 or by email.


Barbara Chapman

Church Partnership Coordinator

Barbara Chapman has been with Food for the Hungry (FH) since January 2007. She began as an Executive Assistant in the Global Marketing and Communications department. She feels there are very few careers that give such an opportunity to impact the lives of people who live in some of the most challenging locations in the world. Barbara understands excellence in kingdom ministry and enjoys being actively volunteering and engaging in service at her church. When she isn’t working or volunteering, you will find her making all sorts of fun memories with her grandchildren, or catching up on her reading.


Brittani Curtis

Teams Manager

Brittani coordinates short-term team travel to the field year-round, ensuring that every church partner has a transformational experience. She is passionate about seeing people around the world fulfill their God-given potential. Highly organized and experienced, Brittani offers your congregation individual attention and support to answer questions on every point of their travel experience. Brittani is married and lives in Phoenix. When your church is ready to visit your partner community, your FH church representative will put you in touch with Brittani to organize your mission trip.