Sponsored children Sabadeie (right) and Lkisomai (center) receive their own Bible from FH staff.

Children in Drought-Stricken Village Receive ‘Living Water’


Lakartinya is a village in Kenya. It means “dry” or “arid.” Like the rest of the country, rainfall is infrequent and inadequate in this community – pushing struggling families deeper into poverty.

Yet, an outpouring of fresh, abundant hope is seeping its way into the hearts of many children in the community.

Thanks to the prayers and support of friends like you, Kenyan teens like Lkisomai and Sabadei are discovering that they have full access to the source of “living water” and thereby find victory and peace amid all kinds of adversity.

With your generous partnership, Food for the Hungry (FH) distributed Bibles to sponsored children in Lakartinya. This is an important part of FH/Kenya’s efforts to nurture the spiritual growth of children and their families. Currently, 500 young boys and girls in Lakartinya have the opportunity to know Jesus in a personal way. At the same time, they have access to education, health support and skills training.

Lkisomai, 12, and Sabadei, 19, are active members of FH/Kenya children’s Bible club. Together with other children in the community, they read and study the Bible, memorize key verses and learn to apply God’s truth in daily living.

When the children received their illustrated Bibles, they couldn’t contain their excitement. Now, they can read the Bible at any time. And the colorful pictures help them understand the stories more clearly.

“This children’s Bible is enabling me to learn many new things!” exclaims Lkisomai. He says he was excited to know that the wooden yokes mentioned in the Bible were similar to those used by farmers in a neighboring community.

Lkisomai’s favorite Bible verse is John 3:16. “It is great to know that God loves the whole world, including my small community!” he says. He hopes to be a doctor someday. He studies hard to get good grades, finish school and reach his dream.

Similarly, Sabadei enjoys reading her Bible because it is written in simple language and “has pictures that make me want to read and read.” Her favorite verse is Proverbs 1:8. It instructs children to obey their parents, which she says is “good to do so.”

Sabadei serves as the student council president at her school. In the future, she wants to join the military to serve her country.

Like Lkisomai and Sabadei, many children in the community are growing in their knowledge of God’s love. Like water to a parched and thirsty land, God’s Word satisfies their longings and refreshes their hearts.

Pray that as these children read their Bible they will encounter Jesus as their living water and bread of life.

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