South Sudan Returnee Crisis

Upper Nile, SOUTH SUDAN: Claiming its independence after 21 years of war, with 2.5 million dead, South Sudan is establishing its independence. Thousands of individuals are returning to South Sudan without having land or resources to restart their lives.

FH is helping conflict-affected communities, including displaced families, to rebuild their lives. FH is helping in areas of education, health and income generation.

Partner with FH in South Sudan as we address challenges caused by conflict, flooding and lack of basic services like clean water and education. In one area, Jonglei State where FH works, over 200,000 people have been displaced by flooding and much of the crops and livestock damaged or destroyed. A hunger gap is now starting, owing to these crops being destroyed as well as the high cost of food being shipped in from Ethiopia and elsewhere. Displaced farmers now report they have been reduced to eating only one meal a day. Cattle rustling is also an ongoing problem which disrupts security and livelihoods: in Jonglei state 80% of the youth are uneducated and jobless and consequently 90% of them are armed for cattle rustling to supplement their livelihoods and stem off hunger. Finally, poor infrastructure like clean wells and latrines add to the challenges (99% of the displaced families don’t have access to latrines).

The Emergency Response team is supporting FH staff in South Sudan in their ongoing Emergency-in-Education programs for youth and also in their plans for new programs to bring greater health and hope to these communities. Please join us as we propose a 12-month program designed to address these challenges in Northern Jonglei and Upper Nile. One objective of the project is to restore what has been lost in the flooding, through seed and tool distribution. However, FH also desires to address some of the underlying causes of the poverty which makes these communities vulnerable to the effects of floods, conflicts and other shocks. This will be done by providing farmers with training in improved agricultural practices, providing livelihood opportunities for youth as alternatives to violence and encouraging adoption of health and hygiene practices for healthier communities.


600,000 South Sudanese are returning to their homeland without resources and land to restart their lives.

NEEDS: Training, support in mobilizing, creating income generating opportunities.



Please pray for peace among returnees and displaced people in South Sudan.


You can help provide essential life-saving training to South Sudan.


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